Thursday, January 28, 2016

Do numbers count that much?

I dont quite understand... I know it shouldnt make me sad,.  but it does...  to see that in  less than a week, I have lost 6 followers... I try to get arund  to many  blogs... as many as I can  in a day.l. and I confess I dont always    comment..  but  something is wrong with my system.. it says  that  my  comments dont get through.. I get a  mail  delivery prob  many times..  I dont know why....    I dont mean to  unload  about this.  and numbers shouldnt matter... but  I  guess  they do.  any  one  wish to  comment on this..maybe it is just  this   horrid  virus that  will not go away  tha  has me  feeling   bad ....  anyway...   blessings to  blogland.....


  1. It's not's GOOGLE. When they had their big change up a few weeks ago, I think it caused a lot of us to lose followers! I'm so sorry you're still feeling bad...take care of yourself!

  2. I'm still here, Schotzy. I did hear something about if you weren't on google then people were having trouble with comments but I can't remember what it was all about. Maybe someone else can come up with a better answer.

  3. Thanks so much for the caring and information... I tried to open and start a new blog on another site but it isnt as straightforward and not as much fun...I hope this all settles down soon.

  4. I have lost several followers, crazy. praying you feel better soon.

  5. Dear Schotzy,
    Since just before Christmas I started losing followers too. Since then, I have lost over a hundred. I have also lost some from my Christmas Pudding blog. I have a blog post all ready to go on concerning this because many may not know what is going on. I just found out myself what the issue is. Feel better soon, my friend. It's not you!


  6. is it possible that a lot of people read your blog, but aren't technically "followers"? i don't think i am! remember it's a journal and outlet for you, to the glory of God, so numbers really don't matter! bringing love to people on-line, even just one person, would be worth it!!

    keep on, keepin' on... and if you're tired of blogging for a day or so, then go for a long walk instead ;-)

    love you,


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