Sunday, January 24, 2016

Just for Fun

I  was enjoying visiting around ....   blog hopping  my  blog roll,  and  when I came to Hospitable Pursuits, Lisa was sharing her      Preference for     lovely  classic  white home trimmed in black and it got me to thinking of my preference...  and I do mean if  money was no object here...   for we are well past  the  time of being about to even dream about our forever  home...  our  last home will  be  all on one floor and    quite a bit downsized...  but  in my   unattainable dreams this side of heaven...  I  will share  what  suits me....  I wonder if at this point any one might guess my style....all I have to go is  drag some pinterest  links on over here... my  maternal ancestors hailed from  Gloucestershire  so this  really  resonates with me!
Things We Love:  Ivy
I   love this thatched Irish cottage..
A thatched-roofed Irish cottage...rather appropriate for St. Patty's Day.  Love this.  Beautiful.:

how about an English rural cottage
Partial view of an English rural cottage with a slate roof:
I could live here... no problemo!
Copper Corner - traditional - exterior - toronto - David Small Designs:

So what  about my favored  interiors....   anyone else like these windows

This is too rustic for me, but stone/tile on the bottom and something else (copper?) on the top might be cool:

how about these  windows and other architectural   elements
another view of iris's comfy cottage style living room:

a cosy dining room  for  12
Pickering Hill: Mysterious, mellow, marvelous Old World decor. Diane Burn Interior Design:

cosy  olde world charm
Old World Style 101 - on HGTV:

so at best  I  pick and choose elements  that   satisfy my  love for   these  ideals...
Fireside reads
Olde world  vignettes
and elements

For  beauty  is a state of mind   that flows from the  heart.


  1. Schotzy
    I see why you love tudors! They are so warm and cozy! They scream cottage don't they? Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the shout out! Have a wonderful week!


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