Friday, July 27, 2012

A "Cooling Down" Supper

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   It is  just too  hot...     my poor hubby is over at the other house  working in  no air conditioning....   trying to get the bedrooms ready to paint....    trying to  save  all the money we can,,,   he is determined not to us the A/C.  I was over there for an hour and just had to come home....     Im bringing    all that I can do  here, here....  so my house isnt looking  very photo op ready!
    But I  do remember this very cooling  supper we had last year during our hot dry snap, 

First, I pulled the blinds  and   did everything I could to  keep the hot sun out!
I found the coolest spot in our home and it is the living room, so I set up a supper for two in there!
The green just seemed to lend a cooling effect....  
 Photobucket  Ice cold chicken salad, steamed broccoli and a icy salad dressed with yummy green goddess was just the meal that hit the spot and made the afternoon bearable!!!

I can see it made Lynn happy!!  Now to go break out the canned chicken!


  1. Can we come too....looks wonderful and cool like you suggest! Thanks for linking to "Open House" and come back again!

  2. I've been thinking that the reason I feel so blah about everything is because I haven't been able to piddle around in the yard. It is just too darn hot to even sweep the deck.

  3. Your blog is beautiful... as is the music... Have a wonderful day!


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