Monday, July 2, 2012

Mosaic Monday, Freedom

 Mosaic Monday  hosted my Mary    at the Dear  Little Red House


The Fourth of July has always been  a favorite  time for me....   being a history teacher  teaching  fourth graders  the  wonderful   history of our Founding Fathers and the  establishment of our nation I  was at my most  animated...  thrilling to  role play and present  the drama and the  victory , heroism and the  sacrifice    to  promote   our freedoms and    our way of life...      So  the Fourth  always   is represented by  the wonderful  icons of flag,     fireworks and the red, white, and blue  colors of  freedom, liberty, and    bravery!
But storm clouds  seem to be gathering on the horizon in my  mind....   I wonder  how my  teaching would  reflect    what I am feeling  today  as I see  history revisions, and  the decline of  American ideals....  I am seeing more and more that  we can not put our faith  and trust in our  nation  and especially our government  to perpetuate our  freedom and way of life....   Only  the Lord, Jesus Christ and God , the Father  deserve our trust and our faith!
   A  great site  for help  is  found here!

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