Friday, July 20, 2012

Poached Egg Muffins

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A  wonderfully  quick and  enjoyable  breakfast  for 4 
I  had just enough ingredients for 4 closed and 4 open faced  sandwiches..
The ham was on sale at  Food Lion's  deli  for $4.99 a pound  and  was  very tasty  with just the  slightest  rim of  baked  fat on the edge, giving it a home baked  flavor...  a half slice of American cheese   and  a  delicious poached egg  together with toasted English muffins!  Who needs a McDonalds!
 Now that I have learned the secret to poaching.. it works everytime!
3 fingers of water  and 2 T of white vinegar in my large skillet  that has been  sprayed with PAM...  turned up to  med high  when the water is just prior to boiling  slip  the eggs in .. As the eggs  just begin to cook  I  easily  slide my  pancake turned  under each one to  keep them   suspended in the water..    Lynn likes his  cooked hard so I gently flip his over in the water  for a bit of extra cooking  .   I remove them from the water with a wire basket spoon  to drain    completely and  they are  perfect every time!!!

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