Sunday, July 1, 2012


Living in  the Mid Atlantic  this  weekend  has  been  an experience   we hope not to endure again anytime soon....  The  extreme temperatures  have been  bad enough,    hitting  past the  century mark for days on end...   this has never happened to us  before in my memory...   but then  when the derecho hit us at 8:47  Friday night,    it blew our socks off...  literally!

A derecho is a land hurricane or wind that travels like a

freight train in a straight line.... 

we had been hearing all

afternoon of the possibility of a storm with 2 inch hail and  

80 mph winds which would hit ahead of the the rain...  
well, it hit with a vengeance and immediately knocked off

the power grid over most of the state... the sky was such a

mass of black clouds, it looked totally surreal as live 

power lines bounced on the torrents reflecting fire in the
heavenlies husband uttered more than once... 'this may  

be it!!!!"

And then we were in for the next 24 hours of life in over 

100 degree temps without electricity....

Praise God it was back on last night at 7pm and it took 5 

hours to cool our house down to be bearable again...

I will never take a/c for granted again!!!And sad to say 

tonight there are thousands still without power... My

prayers are with them!

Yesterday after traveling to every store in a 10 mile 

radius looking for ice I finally found it a t the Tanglewood 

Kroger.... but today they were out of it and the ice  

companies are out as well... please pray for cooler

temperatures and rain!!! We never got the cooling rain

during this storm....

we did have scenes like these
These are news photos from the DC area as I had no 

mind for capturing the troubling photos this weekend..

. but the devastation was far exceeded by the record 

breaking heat.... and lack of power.... and information... 

We were starved for information..... I am posting this  


remind everyone one never knows what they might be 

facing.. so be prepared.... with batteries, and radio, and  

plenty of water if youre on a well... we arent praise the 

Lord we could take showers but many of my friends can't

.. and dont expect ice and other conveniences... hotels  

all over this end of the state were filled over capacity last 

night ! If was wonderful to see the community,

friends and neighbors stepping up and offering help....

where it was possible! I must say I was disappointed that 

the news outlets and radio stations were not very helpful 

in getting news to the people... I expected to be hearing 

something since the conditions were so dire, but I never 

heard a thing of use on the radio anytime I was traveling 

in the car and had it on!

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