Monday, July 23, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (201-210)

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Click the above   button to visit Ann Voskamp, creator  of  the site and the author of One Thousand Gifts... this  is one of my favorite bloggers.   

  Every Monday  she is hosting this  wonderful  theme  whereby we join  in  counting the blessings of our lives online, I pick up at  201 Mountaintop experiences... this week   Ann encourages us to focus on the JOY we have in our daily lives

201.   Life together with my  precious husband!
202.  Even the smallest change in the severe weather  is  a joy to me..
203.    The overcast skies  today that kept the temperatures   a bit lower..
204.  The  storms that blew in   bringing  us  much needed rain.
205.  The blessing that Kathy and Sue were to me   ... they  contracted with us to clean mom's kitchen... from top to bottom....  including  removing the wall paper....  it is actually almost ready to paint now! 
206.  Thank you, Lord, for the strength you give me each day to tackle  the things that  I can  and have to do   at mom's house to get it on the market!
207.    Thank you, so much Lord, for Lynn's  servant heart and willingness to  work so hard  to do the manual labor required in this endeavor....
208.  Thank you, Lord, that  Mom  and Dad  have had a good day today!
 209.  I love the music I  have found fro my blog...  Prokofiev's Piano Concerto is  one of my favorite pieces of all time!!!
210.    Thank you, Holy Spirit for leading and directing us  to do things  that  bless and  make  our lives  better and  easier in many ways...   thank you, Lord for your love!

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