Monday, July 2, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (181-190)

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Click the above   button to visit Ann Voskamp, creator  of  the site and the author of One Thousand Gifts... this  is one of my favorite bloggers.   

  Every Monday  she is hosting this  wonderful  theme  whereby we join  in  counting the blessings of our lives online, I pick up at  16Mountaintop experiences1... this week   Ann encourages us to focus on the JOY we have in our daily lives

 today I pick up at 
181.  God's provision  through and  after the storm
182.  God's  rest and peace  when  the enemy is  doing all in his power to  rob me of it
183.  Strength to endure   the work and  clean up  and  life  concerns  without  electricity  in  temperatures  topping  100 degrees ( raking my parents  yard   so Lynn could    bag the debris, and    searching    out  resources we needed,  store after store after store  by myself) 
 I  generally would have  heretofore thought this was  too daunting to consider... but with God   we  can do all things
184.  God's protection  in  many areas
185.  Personal perseverance    that   for me only comes from  the Lord
186.  Allowing us our power  to be back on  after 24 hours....   SO sad that many  after  60 hours are still in the dark and heat
187.  Air conditioning is a huge gift of God
188.  Life together  in the church...   to see our  church leadership  
  loving the flock through their    acts of kindness and service  was truly awesome
189.  a caring phone call from  my cousin, Pamela  was a huge blessing
190.     My  parents living in Assisted Living  were unscathed by this storm...   Praise God  for his timing  in that!

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  1. I came over from Ann's blog today, just to visit a bit. I too am a retired teacher :) I hope the power stays on for the rest of the summer! May you be covered in His love and His grace every day.


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