Thursday, November 5, 2015

FInishing Touch

Today  Hubby  put the finishing touch on our   kitchen reno...When we ordered the cabinets  I discussed  with the   designer  that  I really wished we had  something to accent the  lovely  scroll on the  wall paper border that I love so much. Here you can  see  the  graceful scroll ...    there was only one template that came close...we thought about  using  several of them as  valances over the  windows...
 but  finally decided on this accent piece
placed  over the bookcase...  then  we   thought and thought about  how to  finish it off...  I  was a bit afraid that  painting the intricate  lines would be a pain to do  and  I  wanted it to have its own personality..  
So  standing across the room   studying  the  situation  I started thinking about how much I  loved the  old Windsor  chair  that I sit in...  so  that was it.....  staining  the  scrollwork  would be  so much easier....  

The satiny  patina on it   give is a  real  Olde World    antique look... 

and the  dark wood is echoed in the new  ceiling fan  that also incorprates the brushed nickel.

So to   pan around   the opposite side of our  new kitchen....
  My quirky  1930's kitchen requires a 40 in range... impossible to find in stainless!
But I am loving my  new  fridge and dishwasher!
 My own  style and a bit of bliss!
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  1. hi Schotzy! Oh, your kitchen is beautiful! Are your cabinets painted gray? I love the color and the little cookbook cubby is wonderful. Love your pretty wooden piece framing the top too! Now don't you cook in it and mess it up! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. THanks so much for your kind comments, Sheila. I am trying so hard to keep everything in its new place... finally I do have a place for just about everything... Im planning to give a dinner party next weekend.. so I want to keep it looking good!

  2. YAY! haha, now wasn't that easy?

    ...yes, look in your cabinets at the end of the month and clear out things you haven't used or don't LOVE!

    nice job dad!! :-)

  3. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop


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