Monday, November 23, 2015

It's a Red and White Christmas

No Place Like Home

So excited about  Sandi's new   Monday meme.... celebrating    the holidays in style!  Today  was  my day of transition....  time to pack up autumn and   start  the  big plan   for  Christmas!
So  right now.   I  am starting with a clean slate!Looks pretty dull doesn't it....  Well,   as  I am planning   for  the    holiday  festivities  I   have  made the first   great  decision... I have traded in my  black transfer ware  for the red!   HAHAHAHA!   
and  this lovely   English pastoral    by Johnson  Brothers is my  inspiration....    the tea is also putting a smile  on my face and a lilt in my step.....

So now I   will take  a stroll through the past few years  to  glean a few ideas...
Now  this    was  a favorite    from a couple of years ago....
 photo 2012-11-30041818_zpse78ff8d5.jpg
I love  working plaids  into  every  room!  Must be the Scotch  in me... and I'm not talking the liquid kind!
That year I was  working the fruit theme, at least on the mantel....
 photo 2012-11-30041244-Copy_zpsdcccb541.jpg
it looked pretty  great  at night  all alight!
 photo 2012-11-29064523_zps85c20834.jpg
  but all mantels look  wonderful a t night... like the  angel one...
 photo Christmas2009203.jpg
  I  loved the  dining room,  but alas,   there was no red transfer ware   to be seen...
 photo christmasparty110-1.jpg
I  am loving the   Christmas  village  and  once we cleaned the basement  we found  our    houses! yayayaya
  (My bad)
  photo CHristmas2010090.jpg
 and that year the   fox family and the red transfer ware  found  their home in the dining room!
 photo CHristmas2010106.jpg
But actually I had just started  collecting it back then....
IN 2013  daddy  went to heaven the week before Christmas....  it was a more serious  time... but  still  very  lovely,  because our   precious granddaughter  had recently been born!
 photo christmasparty027.jpg
it appears that the   red  transfer ware  will be  something a bit   new and fresh this year!!!

I  am pretty excited about  this   plan for the  2015....  I have this whole week to think about and put it into action!!!!   YAYAYAYA!
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  1. I love plaid too but my hubby has never been a fan of it. Red of course is my favourite when it comes to transferware. It is simply delightful any time but especially for Christmas. I really like your first photo of the Christmas tree. The plaid, the foxes on the mantel, and your tree all look so very charming! Thank you for joining me for No Place Like Home. It is a pleasure to have you, dear friend! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    Autumn blessings,

  2. Loving all the pretty red transferwares that I'm seeing in Blogland this season!

  3. I sure hope you will be sharing this wonderful post at my blog party. I loved the music. Your foxes are darling. I so enjoyed your pretty dishes!

  4. Schotzy:
    This posting was one of those featured on my blog today. I also have a pair of those foxes - mine are actually a little bigger and sit in chairs.

  5. Love red transferware, and I have been playing with plaid all weekend. What's not to love? Loved looking back at your beautiful Christmas décor! The foxes are too cute! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. This is so lovely and festive! Love plaid and I just adore those little foxes!


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