Monday, November 9, 2015

Today's word: Cosy!

So bright and early this morning  I was up  preparing for my  brunch/chat   event with  my  BFF"s.. I was,  also,   taking advantage of this time to give my   Christmas gifts to  my friends  because  every one's  Christmas is   very  busy and   complicated this year. Plus,    we as a group  had  had the opportunity to go view the film War Room  last month,     and  when I saw   this book,
 I  knew we needed to have our own copies, and  I   didn't want them  to go ahead and get one when they saw it on  the book stands..  But this morning   was  so  cold and  dreary....   the sun wouldn't shine and the rain  would pour today.    So I  immediately set about warming up every room with   lights aglow....

 I love the    lamplight  and   cosy   look   of the rooms   this morning...
  The  mantel lights  and  harvest tree lights   made their statement of  " Come in, and  let's   have a cup of   warm  tea or coffee!"

 As I was  taking these photos this morning it registered with me  that  this very likely will  be  the extent of my holiday  decorating  this  season...    so I   revelled all the more  with my  harvest  lights and hues!
 Even the den   was  looking   inviting    with its  lamplight glow!
 Now this morning I didn't  get the  tea cups out...   today   was meant for a  hefty mug of coffee, so I used  my  wonderful collection of Bed and Breakfast mugs!    Every time we  stay at a B &B  I purchase their signature mug...  I love the  deep  tones of   autumn the above photo you can see the  gold and orange,     below the  maroon and green....    I just   love these  fabulous mugs.
 Then I turned my attention to the  point of entry...   friends  come to visit through the sunroom..

                                            After I got the  lights   and the heat  adjusted, 

it was  now time to get  busy in the kitchen. 

My offering for the morning  besides  a  busy coffee pot,    was   my  crustless Quiche... for a 12 inch  quiche dish,  I    cut up  1/2  of a large onion and 1/2 of a red pepper.

 I added that into a saute' pan  with about  1/2 of  a pound of sausage  crumbled and   sauteed them together.....
 meanwhile, I  broke 10 eggs into a mixing bowl  and  seasoned them with  salt, pepper, and  a  tsp of  nutmeg.  I added  at least 1/2 c  of half and half and   whisked  them together..  I added  at least  3 oz.  of     shredded Parmesan cheese  to the mixture.  I sprayed the  quiche  pan with    PAM,  added     all of the sauteed veggies and sausage and  spread it evenly  in the bottom of the pan, then poured the  egg mixture  over the top.  Using  a folk I   just  sort of  pushed  the  sausage down into the eggs and   evenly distributed the  cheese.  
 Then I   placed the   pan into  a preheated  400 degree oven.  It  baked for   around  30 minutes until  it was  solidly   cooked and  beginning to get golden brown around the edges.
   My  friend, Dot, brought the most   delicious  Honey Crisp  stewed  apples ....    the recipe  was 
 from a Taste of Home  site

We all had a grand time  around the table...   with  sweet fellowship,   tasty   food, and  
   gracious sharing!!!

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  1. Yum, your brunch sounds delicious! I love quiche and thanks for sharing the recipe with us. Coming from an Irish background, you must enjoy Robin Mark's music. He's from Belfast, Ireland and sings wonderful praise music. He comes to the Island here once a year to do a concert and conduct a seminar. We love his music! Enjoy your day.

    Autumn blessings,

    1. Sandy,
      I am listening to him now!! Thanks for the recommendation! Fabulous!

  2. Looks like a wonderful gathering with your sisters! Glad you all enjoyed the time together, and yes, the house looks super cozy!!

    love you,

  3. A lovely home and I love the warm colors and decor. Sounds like a lovely get together. Your idea is of collecting the mugs from B&B s is a good one. I will remember it lol!

  4. I'm going to have to look for that book, the movie was great - your gathering looks wonderful. I will be featuring your post in this week's A Return to Loveliness,

  5. So fun to spend time with dear friends. The warm glow of the lighting certainly did make your home warm and cozy! I bet they all loved the book. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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