Thursday, November 26, 2015

Through Doorways

As I was  walking through the house just now I saw images of   great  festivity,,,  but  right  along beside would be  ribbons trailing out of boxes or  a forgotten ornament that had fallen  by the wayside!  Or, one  corner of the room looks   pretty cool,   while   nothing is done at all   right over there...  Christmas  decorating is an evolution I can  wrap my mind around and totally believe in! So then I thought maybe just a quick glimpse just as I enter a room would make me feel better about my  Christmas preparations.. of course, I know it is  still  early.. it is Thanksgiving Day, after all...  but when  a late breakfast  was  your  dinner and  and  I cant think of a thing I really want  for supper...  what better to do than  start  decorating for Christmas! 
So here  are my snapshots through the doors!
 Coming from the hall  trying to  decide ... do I want to go into the living room, or the dining room?

 Coming  from the kitchen  looking into the  living room
 Peering into the dining from my  desk in the kitchen.. how about  on into the living room from my desk!!
 from the living room into the dining room!

 Yes, the house looks pretty  good  with   limited views!!!!
 from the front door...
 what about into the kitchen  or out to the sunroom
 Yes...  I like the sunroom....   time to  curl up and look at  that latest  Christmas magazine!   Bye Ya'll!
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