Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Fave Five

Joining with  Susanne   today   on  this fun  meme!  
1.  When I was linking up with   Susanne  I chanced to see one of her blessings   from last week... and  I   am so  thrilled that  my dearest hubby is working today   with  our church  to  load up  the   hundreds  of  Operation Christmas Child boxes  and   take them  to the  local  distribution center!
OCC distribution6
This is such a  wonderful and precious way to touch a child across the world  with the love and light of Christ!  Each child who receives a box will also  be given     the word in his or her own language and  lessons on the Holy Scriptures...Taking the love of Jesus to one child at a time!
2.  Today was day 9 of 10  consecutive  days of prayer  in the prayer room at our church....  This morning we had our largest group.  12  precious prayer warriors  from several  denominations and across the race divide.  It  was  awesome...  The Spirit   certainly fell on us   as we prayed over our  churches and our city..  God is  building unity among His people. Tomorrow  we are  expecting a   tsunami of   God  to  flow  into and over us.....  each day has been  building   in the intensity of our prayers and  our  sense of His presence! I am just  humbled and honored to  be a part of this glorious move of God.   I pray that every one who reads this post will be  empowered and  inspired to start  a  prayer   group in  their own church or  house group....   Our  communities are  desperate  for   a wave of  the Spirit to  flow across  this land!!!
3.I  was   so blessed this week  when our daughter  told me  on the phone   that  our  wee   beautiful two year old  grand daughter,  Birdie,   was playing  Peep-Eye,    and  rememebered how we ahd played it with her  during facetime  Monday,  and she  cried our'  "Ga Ga,  Ba, Ba,  Peep  Eye! "
 photo 426afca7-a177-4618-ae25-3aea5a23bb1c_zpsqzdnssqc.jpg
4.  Tomorrow   hubby and I  are delighted to  be  hosting four of  our favorite   friends   from church for  a  harvest dinner...  hubby   decided he would help cook... and he is  making  his     fabulous  kale....  I can hardly wait to  crumble  the  applewood   thick sliced bacon I  bought to  sprinkle over it!  Yum!

 I decided to go ahead  and    make  the  classic  green bean casserole  people expect this time of year, just in case   someone   doesnt like kale,   but I know I will  be  eating!
5.  THis week I have been reintroduced to  my  favorite worship  leader, Terry MacAlmon....    may I introduce him to you.


  1. I love Terry MacAlmon - he is one of my favorite worship leaders as well.

    How wonderful about your prayer room activities! I'd love to be a part of a group like that.

  2. What a great week! I'm so glad we have Facetime to keep in touch with our grandkids!

  3. we did operation xmas child this week too! my daughters have been doing this since they were two years old and now they are 22 and 16! what a great list of faves you have...thanks for sharing!

  4. That kale salad looks delicious! I love doing Operation Christmas Child. Such an exciting ministry!


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