Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Fave Fives

Sharing with  Susanne   this week.
1.  Although this has been a week of  many ups and downs,,,,  twists and turns... it just  goes to show that life well lived is never boring.....  and I  must say I am thankful for a half of  a tablet of Xanax  every day.  This week is also proof that the closer one tries to get  to the Lord the  busier the enemy is throwing obstacles in   our path   to try to trip us up and  derail  us...  But praise  God,    He is bigger than all my needs,   with Him all things are possible,  and    by His authority  we are victorious!

2. Memories  of   special times and places   are  another  of God's gifts to us   as  we  get older and  are  capable of looking back    and  reliving  golden  moments  ...  But    small reminders  are   fabulous as well...  like these  photo cards  I  purchased on our   Vermont  in Autumn trip we took  a couple of years ago... HAH,  even though all travel  advice   we received  told us to  be there  the first week of  October...  we  arrived just in time to see the maple leaves on the ground and the oaks  were yet to  turn...  so    I found these lovely photo cards.  I love   autumn colors!

3.  Planning  to have  my BFF's  over   for coffee,   brunchy type food,  and   great  chatting    is   a  huge delight for me.... For one thing, this time,  it is exciting because except for one of the gals  no one has seen  our new kitchen...  so   that  will be  really  fun...   another thing is   the holiday season  upcoming is  so   different for us this year....    we have no idea  when and for how long we will be  going  up north to  be with the family   ...   and    my friends'  schedules have gotten very  complicated. as well,   so I am taking advantage of this time to give them their  Christmas gift....  besides  the nature of the gift is something I   do not want them to inadvertently get for themselves  before Monday!  So,  for me,  it's Christmas!!!   YAYAYAYAY!

4.  The last couple of days have been awesome, weather wise,  unfortunately,  I  don't go out much because  of my allergies  which are  all  messed up  at this time....  but the   blue skies,  and   autumn colors, the mild temps, and the   peaceful  atmosphere  is   a   bit of heaven on earth.

5.  One of the joys of  preparing for the holidays this year  is   that  I won't be  having the  family here,  but we will  be going  away  for the first time  to our daughter's and the fact that her second child is due   mid to late December   makes it all that much more   amazing... but that makes this a bit different kind of Christmas  for us here.. not so much   decorating....  YAY!  Not  such a mess  here on the dining room table  gifting   wrapping and     all the meal planning   for   the week of  celebrating!   But  this week,   it  has been  amazing, as well....   shopping for   craftsy  yuletide  materials   to keep our granddaughter happy and    occupied...   packing all that  material  away,  but not   too far away because we never know when we might get the call to  get on the road...  planning all of my Thanksgiving  events  here  with friends   early, so  I can then  use the  house as  our   staging  area  for   getting all the   items together we need to take with us.... including  my wrapping materials and   our  favorite christmas recipes  for I will be doing all the cooking..and   because    my basement  is storing  quite a bit of their baby items...  and   lastly,  doing most of our Christmas shopping for family online and having the gifts  delivered  up there so I can wrap on  daughter's table....    what can I say.. it is a new season of life!


  1. i enjoyed reading your faves list! congrats on becoming a gramma! im not quite there yet....i have a 22 yr old daughter and a 16 yr old and i feel that even though Im already 55 that it was just yesterday that i gave birth! haha.....enjoy every moment!!

  2. Those photo cards are gorgeous! The friend get-together sounds fun. We still do our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner here but I am happy to have a daughter-in-law to split responsibilities with. I know some day the baton will pass to her, and I think I will be relived yet miss it at the same time. :-)

  3. i was just thinking that the maples definitely turned AFTER the 1st week of oct this year, and the oak leaves are falling like crazy right now. probably due to all the warm weather we had late and the lack of bad storms blowing everything off of the trees.

    yes, will be a very different christmas for all of us! haha, i expect most of the christmases ahead will be quite different!

    love you,

  4. Enjoyed your list of favourite blessings. Your fall pictures are lovely. Your Christmas plans sound wonderful. A brand new baby...what a great Christmas gift.

  5. It sounds like you are very organized about your Christmas trip. The years we travel for Christmas, we don't decorate at all (it's almost a relief, really).
    Having get togethers early is fine--timing doesn't really matter--it's the fellowship that's important.


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