Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday's Fave Five

                                           Joining with  Susanne   today   on  this fun  meme! 

1. Today we received the  best Thanksgiving card  we ever got in the mail.... Now  our precious   baby girl   prob 28 years ago  made us a card and   gave it to us.....   but today we  got  this precious care from our  2 year old granddaughter  in the is  was last night  when  we did face time and she was  donning her   gobbler crown she made with her daddy!  Bless her heart,,, we love her so!

2.  Hubby ordered  my Christmas present today  from Ireland...  He actually spoke to  a guy in Cork  who said he actually lived along the Ring of Kerry. Im pretty  excited about this!!!!  We were just in Cork  7 months ago!  

3.  I love Christmas, and it is so much fun to    start  decorating and   as I said   previously  it truly is an evolution of  discovery what  I like best.... Like today  I wasnt happy with the lights I put around the  hutch,  so  I went out and could only purchase 1 set  that  was long enough since they dont  string together....  so tomorrow I have to take the Christmas tree down and  restring those lights  to   match  them up  .. oh.. it's a long story...   but Im glad it isnt  the big tree!  
4.   Today hubby actually waited on me to stop in at my favorite consignment shop....
I stopped in to get the lights... but.....

when I saw this   Syracuse   platter  I fell in love... looks so sweet with my  red and white transfer ware... then I saw this   plate from Bunratty Castle,   in Ireland....  had to get it at  $4.98 less 20%...  I mean.. really??   
But then as I  was  shopping   a booth   run by a sweet friend  from  my church I looked down and this caught my eye.. it looked  so familiar... 
 on closer look,  I saw it...  my mama's  signature... she had painted it and sold it probably  20 years ago at the Craft  Guild Christmas show!
My mom  signed  "Jean's Things".... dad  cut out  and put things together,  and mom  did the decorative painting....  I didn't really need another of her trays...   I probably have  4..  for every season...   but I couldn't not get it..  it blessed my heart!
5.  Lots of   folks  Christmas lights  went up around  the neighborhood....  folks are really into the  spirit  this year....  the  sales people were  so jolly today, and the  waitress at  Ruby Tuesday wa s  so sweet....  It  just seems to stand out more to me  this year   than ever before...


  1. The Syracuse platter is beautiful. I love anything in red! How wonderful to find your mother's tray. Such a sweet story! I'm noticing a lot of people decorating early this year -- perhaps because I'm anticipating Christmas more than usual with two grandbabies to celebrate with! I also think the state of the world is making people grateful for what we have and for reason to celebrate the season of love.

  2. pretty plates! nice find... now go find 2 to donate, so you have room!! ;-)

    love you!

  3. What a cutie your granddaughter is! Isn't that something finding your mother's creation! I couldn't pass that by either. I'm looking forward to decorating next weekend. I always wait for the first weekend of December but I may sneek in a few things here and there all through the week.


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