Monday, November 2, 2015

Old Fashioned and Easy

Last week  with our   dear  friends and neighbors who had moved  across town  called to invite us to dinner   it was   so sweet.... This family has meant so much to us through the years.  He was our daughter's favorite high School teacher and  as  a missionary to China,  and husband   to a  talented and lovely  Chinese  wife and is  fluent enough in Chinese  to  actually teach  online English course to  Chinese  nationals in China,  we  asked him to please MC  Amanda's wedding.  Her wedding  was  Asian inspired  ..  her  mother in law was  a missionary  to Taiwan and   married her husband there... and we had  some very important guest  from Beijing    in attendance...  Plus  our neighbors Scott and  Deborah's  four children were  so delightful....Here is a  sweet photo of   David, Deborah and one  daughter, Harmony.
 Of all the neighbors we've ever had this family  for sure is   hugely missed  so we were delighted to  go  see them in their  new home.
So I took  a simple, but delicious dessert.
 This old fashioned  apple crisp  is   so easy to make and   since I had  several varieties of apples I needed to use   they all worked   deliciously!  Just  peel,  slice  about  10 apples  for  a  dish   that size about  10 inch   quiche dish..  I  diced up my  butter to mix into the  dry ingredients 
 They were made up of  flour,  quick oats, cinnamon,  nutmeg, and baking powder
 just  crumble on top  and bake .. the recipe is in  a post   below.
Served up with  vanilla ice cream and  it was a huge hit!!

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