Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

Today I am joining   HHM ...
Good morning... it's the start of a new week... and soon to be the beginning of December.. one of my favorite months! 

The weather:::
Today is  dreary...dreary... dreary...   temperature is  41  and   90%  rain for the next  3 days!!!

As I look outside my window:::gray...gray...gray

Right now I am::: 
Sitting in  my draughty kitchen.....  hahaha.. I love our home,,, but there is no heat source in our kitchen...   the  builders put a radiator under the sink  back in the day  when cabinets  were not    built in.... then years later  prob in the seventies  when they updated the kitchen  they took the radiator out to  build in the  cabinet area...when we  bought the house  we lived here    for a while before we realized there was no heat   at all in here,, but that was  fine becasue  since we were both working  it didnt matter for the radiators in other rooms   finally  warm the space...  now that my computer station is here I have purchased a  ceramic heater  which I love.... 

Thinking and pondering:::
how the seasons of life   change  and   bring  monumnetal changes in how  one  plans for and  creates  the  mood of Christmas...I remember  when that  day  came for my  grandmother....  the year  her   plans for decorating and baking  changed dramatically.  I suppose she was  about my age, maybe ...   but goodness to mercy  she seemed old to me at that time!   Yikes!!!!   But no...     now that I really  consider  it...  it is  how society has changed....back in those days    the  family at large  lived relatively nearby... say  at least  within a few hours drive... they all,   aunts, uncles,  and   cousins  went to her house for  the holidays  and we  all  stayed for days...   usually  sleighriding and  drinking gallons of hot cocoa..  shooting mistletoe out of trees....  it was all so   deliciously   wondeful...  but that all stopped  when   she  turned    about 75 -80... at which time  the family came  but  we all brought the food.  so  whew.. I  do have  about  10 or more years to go!     Man!  I do feel a bit better!

Today families are all so spread out....  our one   child lives a two day drive  away...  times have changed... and   I have to learn to  adjust!  But I can still  remember... and dream!

On my bedside table:::
Jesus Calling.. by Sarah Young,  a glass of  water, and  my  December  Bliss Magazine

On my tv this week:::
Now that we have   Netflix.....  so many  things....   Foyle's War,  The  Great British  Baking  Competition of 2010 , Monarch of the Glen,  Midsomer Murders,    anything   British!  heheheheheh

Listening to:::
 O Holy Night from  my  blog 

On the menu for this week:::
Monday -  pot roast with  all the   lovely veggies  and   fresh baked rolls
Tuesday - leftovers
the rest is a toss up.  I  never plan ahead

On my to do list:::
Laundry - linens  mainly
Finish decorating the house for Christmas
Start the Christmas cards

Happening this week:::
Monday -housework,   cyber chopping  for  christmas
Tuesday -  face time   with our  girls,  Ladies'  Prayer group,   still need to get my  hari color done   
Wednesday - Dr.. appointments for us both, 
Thursday - lunch out with   a friend
Friday - hopefully nothing  

What I am creating:::
  A  Christmas  atmosphere for the two of us!

                                     My simple pleasure:::

Having  the time to sit in the light of the  Christmas lights in the  parlor and   enjoy a cup of tea and listen to   Olde  English Christmas   carols

Looking around the house:::
the word of the day is partial... every room is partially   decorated...   I'll be   so pleased to get  the   packing boxes  put away.

From the camera:::
Yesterday we  went to our local   Catholic church  for  an awesome performance of  Lessons and Carols   put on by the local College Choir....  It was as if the angels with heralding the coming of the Lord!!!
we arrived an hour early  and  the  church was already half full..   By showtime  there wa s breathing room only...   but this was after all the first  celebration of the Advent season!
The acoustics  in the cathedral   are   amazing!  The  voices rang out clear and   gloriously! 

Prayer List:::

All my friends and family, our  churches,  our  government,   the crises  in the world.    our  societal ills,  and Israel  and the Middle East

Bible verse, Devotional:::
Isaiah 7:14 Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.


  1. so glad you made it to the RCC concert downtown! lots of memories from being there in years past! what a fun way to kick off the Christmas season :)

    love you,


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