Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bluebirds Return

How sweet it was this morning to look out at the birdhouse and see Mrs. Bluebird revisiting her previous abode, checking out its occupancy and planning out her new nest. She has been busily seeking out just the right grasses and setting about to align her cozy home!
It is wonderful to know that this second roosting will begin anew and offer me so much excitement as I await the miracle of God's creation!!!
Photo by Amanda!


  1. Hi Schotzy,
    I have an award for you,,,please stop by my latest post and see what it is♥


  2. What a sweet little bluebird! I saw one the other day and got so excited! We have lots of robins,swallows,cardinals but not so many bluebirds! I'm so glad you shared your photos!

  3. Lucky you to have such pretty birds nesting at your home, what a blessing to be able to watch them.
    I just love the floral blossom edging to your page, and the pretty sounds of nature and music on your player. A very nice Blog.


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