Friday, May 8, 2009

National Day of Prayer

Yesterday our church participated in the National Day of Prayer. On Thursday Pastor Chip called a sacred assembly to meet in the sanctuary to solemnly express the urgency for the church to fall on their face before God seeking His mercy in these troubling times. He spoke to us about what Godly repentance truly entails and how very short we fall before God~ how unworthy we really are and how it is only by turning back to God this nation has any hope. He referenced 2Chronicles 7:14 and you could feel the move of the spirit across the aisles. Dear friend, Dottie created this phenomenal poster which we used to sign up helpers for the day of prayer.Yesterday we had a steady stream of participants and it was so good to be in the house of the Lord!!!
Lynn and I were the first to arrive at 6am.We had signed up to meet, greet, and pray with any who wished to pray in a small group. We had 10 join us in the first hour.
We had at least 75 folks stop in to pray for our nation, even though our president sadly failed to present a national need for prayer. We not only need to have national prayer, but this nation needs daily prayer.

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  1. Your post is a comfort. Just knowing there are people like you who take on the task of being there to pray with someone and arrive at 6am to do so.

    We Christians need to get on our knees and focus our hearts.

    Thanks for your post, it is very inspiring.


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