Sunday, May 24, 2009

Loop de Loop

Let me preface this by saying, I don't like roller coasters, never have...never will! But my life these past 4 days has been a veritable roller coaster ride with its up, downs, loops, and being thrown upside down! I have experiencd every single emotion one possibly can in these past few days.
~Joyful having Amanda with us
~Dread putting her on the plane
~Lonesomeness after she was gone and then taking Lynn to his spiritual retreat the very next day
~Responsible for taking care of everything here at home by myself
~Excitement that Lynn would be experiencing his own Walk to Emmaus and then we can fully share about it and in it as a couple
~Peace of having the house to myself all day long for these past days
~Sense of accomplishment for the things I have done around here on my own
(Obviously, this is a novel thing for me)
~Disconcertedness as evening would fall over our quiet, creaky old house
~Trusting in God to be my provider and my peace in the night
~Thrill of knowing the joys Lynn was experiencing at Emmaus and praying for him continually
~Expectation and Anticpation of going to retrieve him in this next hour
~Fearful anticipation for several days over what we had hoped was a rumor
~Deep sorrow today finding out in fact our beloved pastor is retiring from his pastoral ministry within the next 6 weeks.
~Exhilaration over Amanda's wonderful job offer
~Anger directed at things beyond my control
~Pleasant surprise in building relationship with very old acquaintances
~Discomfiture over the frailty I see in my parents. more every day
I realize my saviour is much more able to receive each of these as I will relinquish them to him and believe me, I am learning to give them to Him, but I would be remiss if I didnt admit that I truly cannot wait for Lynn to return home. Sharing life with your mate should never, ever be taken for granted!!!


  1. Thinking about you and praying for you, Dad, and your entire church family! So sad to hear that Pastor is leaving, but trust that God has bigger blessings in store for him in other capacities!

    Love you!

  2. Life, what a ride! Blessings in your 'adventure':)


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