Friday, May 8, 2009

Show and Tell, Friday

I have definitely decided that one can not have enough bluebirds around oneself, neither inside or out. On the outside I am very happy to announce that my beautiful bluebird family now consists of the mother, father , and two precious 6 day old hatchlings. Unfortunately, of the 6 eggs laid only 2 hatched. We believe that is because she started laying and then the weather turned quite cold and they just didnt make it. I would have loved to snap a photo of the twin babies, but mom and dad were not too happy about our visit to the nest!
But I just have to have bluebirds on the inside, as well. Last week, I went to hallmark to pick up the finishing touches for my green and white swap with Bonnie in Washington state, and I just had to have this beautiful bird of happiness.
Photobucket Last fall I purchased this cute as a button birdbath at my little English shop, which has brought me tons of seasonal joy...the shop, as well as, the birdbath!heehheee
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  1. Bluebirds are so sweet.
    Thank you for sharing them :)


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