Friday, April 20, 2012

Home and garden Thursday.. a Day Late!

Excitement abounds!!!!   A red letter day for Wings of Eagles!...
A Delightsome Life

I have been featured on  one of my favorite sites  at  the Delightsome Life....  I am so appreciative of this honor....  It has made my day!!!!    Now when I look out my window  I  long to see the sight that greeted my eye last week ...
but alas, the  glorious pink has given  way to  lovely greens...
The spring rain has come ushering in a   transition from vibrant to verdant....
 The grass is growing by leaps and bounds, much to sweetie's  dismay....but that is a good thing... now the    geraniums and other  annuals  will begin to  have their hayday!!!!

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  1. How Sweet! I appreciate you supporting Home and Garden Thursday - it has been a joy sharing with so many wonderful bloggers -
    God Bless,


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