Monday, April 16, 2012

One Thousand Gifts

holy experience

Ann Voskamp, creator  of  this site, A Holy Experience, and  author of One Thousand Gifts   is    one of my favorite bloggers.   I first discovered her site  years ago  and followed along with her  simple  yet meaningful  accounting of God gifts  throughout her  day living on the farm in middle America and started  linking to her    site  counting my own blessings under this banner.
For some unknown reason I cant find  any of those posts... as I  remember I was well into the hundreds in my own counting...  and now that it is lost in cyberspace I can only hope that God can use  my blessings to stir someones heart closer to Him...
All things are possible with God... at any rate,  Ann used her    idea  of recounting blessings  to springboard to her   wonderful book.
  When I first started reading  I purchased  a new journal to record my  blessings....   one of the greatest impacts this  practice has made on my life... is the  closeness it has brought me to my Lord, and my God... because  once yous tart looking for  the blessings  in the  smallest details of life with thanksgiving in your heart,,, it opens up heaven  about and around you in  an almost tangible way....  If you haven't read  Ann's book, you must...oh, the glory she can see in  a sink full of soap bubbles....  her writing and descriptions are sublime, and  bring out the  very nature of our loving  Father.....  you can  get a glimpse of  her writing though here on her  blog,  
  Every MOnday  she is hosting this  wonderful  theme  whereby we join  in  counting the blessings of our lives online,   so  with that I  begin   anew!

1. rosy hues of eastern horizons
2.  rustle of Lynn's early morning glad he is finally retired
3. the roaring night winds through the trees
4. my Mother's returning fighting spirit
5.  helpful nurses
6. husbands comforting words
7. granola on morning yogurt
8.  steam rising form morning coffee
9.  Holy Spirit promptings
10. compassionate caring therapists
11.  relief from my surgical pain
12. wonderful encouraging and convicting  Words from scripture
13. life together here at home...sharing and loving
14.  caring  family and friends at church
15. the savory aroma of sausage frying
16. hope expressed in the psalms
17.  God's provision of all things
18.  cheerful attitude in mom's voice....   such a relief  in the midst of her pain struggle
19.  good news regarding Amanda's job
20.  glorious rhythm of rain on the window
21.  precious Sonlight that takes away the darkness of the world
22. a tender word of blessing from a friend
23. glory tones of worship
24. enraptured faces at worship
25.  handsome husband sitting beside me
26.  little by little  improvement  from surgery
27.  caring moments shared  from our  shepherd  from our  church
28.  Godly counsel from friends
29.  Contrition and forgiveness
30.  Holy Spirit small still voice and the will to heed 
31.  cooling breezes  
32. phone calls bearing good news
33. freedoms we have in this country... may then never  be taken away
34.  miracles seen and unseen
35.Omnipresence of God
It is good to try to play catch up....  more next Monday

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