Monday, April 2, 2012

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FOR TODAY April 2, 2012

Outside my window...overcast but mild

I am thinking...  God is good,  God is great!   He is there  all the time and   I must never forget that!

I am thankful.for  the Holy Spirit  who leads and  guides us through  dark places back into the Light

In the kitchen... this week I am  trying to become  more carb conscious 

ON my bedside table...
The Book of John  our  Sunday School lessons  this trimester  are  from  John and  our  study guide is very well written and challenging

The Metabolism Miracle  by  Diane Kress, RD, CDE  3 steps to regain control of your weight...permanently
This book comes highly recommended  for   those who are concerned about  lowering their blood sugar and losing weight

I have a couple of  books  downloaded on my ipod form the library...     Karen Kingsbury...  a KK Collection...   

I am hoping...    to  start a walking regimen this week....  Our daughter has really been after me!
Surgery took a lot out of me  and it has been  difficult to get back into the swing of things.  

I am looking forward to....  celebrating  a dear friend and prayer Sista's  birthday tomorrow night at mac and Bob's...   

I am learning... to  try to  really take every thought captive... for it is  truly our thoughts  that  will get us into trouble every time!!!!

Around the house.. We continue to be working in the basement  clearing out stuff we havent used in  a long while and making room for  more....   NO,  we are clearing out mom's home and much needs to be brought here  and we have no where to  store anything.....   so we begin  in our  own  basement which  has been a good impetus to get  us  at it....

I am  can get very complicated when you are an only child of very needy  aged parents...  being  their power of attorney and   responsible for  everything  I easily getting overwhelmed.....  if it weren't for   my husband's help..... I dont know what I'd  do!

A favorite quote for today...
A believer may pass through much affliction, and yet secure very little blessing from it all. Abiding in Christ is the secret of securing all that the Father meant the chastisement to bring us.
Andrew Murray
  Abiding is  such a marvelous word and state of being.....  resting in the providence, mercy, and love of God
One of my favorite things....

The week ahead....
Monday....a lovely day to  stay home and work around the house.. maybe   catch a bit of reading and of course,   catch up on  blogging
Tuesday.... birthday  party for   Lynne  and the gals
Wednesday....  medical appointment    and  bookkeeping day
Thursday.....  allergy shot and  choir practice
Friday... Passover  prepare  the Passover meal for  us and attend Good Friday service
Saturday- prayer chapel  with    my Prayer Sisters
Sunday   Resurrection Sunday note:  I really dont like  the term easter....  because of it's pagan origins... established at the forming of the Roman calendar  the word was taken form the goddess ishtar,, goddess of spring....  I much prefer to keep the focus on  our Lord and his resurrection
A peek into my day...
Well, I would hardly  take a photo of the mess we have  created in our basement as we are  taking everything out of storage, filtering through it,  gleaning  things to keep and  packing up  things  for disposal...   that would  boggle the mind....  sooooooooooooooo..
this pretty much sums up what I hope to be doing  other than  basement duty....

Reading, Bible Study...  Morning coffee...  taking new snapshots... blogging... perhaps  take a spin  to Kohl's later...   love on my family... and enjoy  spring!

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