Friday, April 6, 2012

Our Springtime Home

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Our house and gardens  never look more beautiful than during the spring...  I love it from every vantage point...
The first time I ever saw our home  was this time of year and I happened to be driving past.,. actually a bit lost in the neighborhood  returning   to the shopping center  from our pastor's home.   When I saw all the  gorgeous spring trees I was  enraptured....then
I happened to be over at my neighbors this week and I  just  fell in love with our home yet again from  over there....
    It just makes me happy to see all the  wonderful color and  experience the wonder of springtime!


  1. It is a glorious sight to behold. All the pink and whites are stunning. I would love to have that to look at too. Have a blessed Easter.

  2. Happy Easter from Australia♥
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