Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tartan Parade


This week   we are celebrating the Tartan parade... being  Scotch Irish  I  have always  been very enamored with  the study of my  Celtic roots....I am an avid student of all things Scottish...  The above   coat of arms  is  from my maternal grandmother's line..  The Blairs  who were lowlander Scots...   the  tartan  on the left represents the area in Ireland  from which  my Higgins'  family hailed... County Kilkenny...the tartan  I  use in my    setting  otherwise is  simply a lovely woolen  square, the rich colors  in which  I find    lovely and  coordinating....YOU  may find me sporting a tartan  ...   usually  from  the Lindsay line  which is in my family trees, but alas, I have no digital photos  readily available for that.... perhaps  for next time around!
  Babs from Upstairs Downstairs hosted this this week..   Find more  wonderful tartans  there!

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