Sunday, April 29, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (71-100)

holy experience

Ann Voskamp, creator  of  this site, A Holy Experience, and  author of One Thousand Gifts   is    one of my favorite bloggers.   Her theme of

was the springboard to her amazing book  by the same  title

  Every Monday  she is hosting this  wonderful  theme  whereby we join  in  counting the blessings of our lives online, I pick up at 71...

71.  morning rainbows
72.  fresh sheets on the bed
73.  yummy granola on cherry yogurt
74.  morning light filtering through cumulus clouds
75.   thankful that I do not live near the metal reclamation yard
76.  violin music with its spiritual moods and timbre
77.  air conditioning blowing in my face while driving
78.  robin's egg blue skies
79.  quince blossoms  blazing  in February  (written  in  Feb but shared today)
80.  yellow privet blossoms  joyously singing  "spring is on it's way!"
81.  leisurely rides with Lynn around town on morning errands
82.  life together  singing  praises in united spirits
83.  revealing soul directions and leading me to  act in obedience to the  God's will  for my day
84.  opportunities  that edify   and demonstrate God's love  and provision for  my inner spiritual needs
85.  expository teaching that edifies and convicts
86.  The majesty of the organ
87.   The encouraging " pert--ty"  of the cardinal when I stepped out of the door this morning
88.    The friends who see God in me and  trust me  with their life issues to  pray and encourage them
89.  Amanda and Joshua  are coming today... (  2 months ago)
90.  my doctor's appointment went well and  was helpful to my myriad issues
91.  Mom and dad are doing better and settling in to assisted living
92.  The sun is pushing the storms away
93.  The sweet savor of life lived well.. help me lord to move more and more out of myself!
94.  The finances are met... God  provides!  Thanks be to God!
95.  Giving  me the eye to see the  soot tag I need to get down  and the dust as well...
96.  The ability to do the work that needs to be done
97.  The desire to  be more actively involved
98.    Friends that  inspire and encourage
99. Peace that passes all understanding
100.   Confidence to step out of myself in new arenas of life

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