Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Cozy Home

If it's Tuesday, it's time to join Shannon at  The Cozy  Home Scenes.
When  holidays occur  around the house it is  very meaningful to  our family to  have  certain items that then become family heirlooms  filled with the  loving memories of  years gone by... when the family gathered around them for  special purposes....  I am thinking this morning of    our Passover  dinner...Our daughter  gave us this   beautiful pewter Seder plate a couple of years ago ...such a wonderful  treasure to  pass down through the generations.... 
  Then  a few years go when  our family started realizing how important it was for  Christians to  reconnect with our  Jewish roots and heritage...  I mean after  all we are grafted into  David's line.....joint heirs with Christ, who himself celebrated  the  old  festivals...    anyway...  I found this  wonderful bronze candlabra which reminds me of  but isnt exactly like a Mennorah... 
It has one more light that I liken to the Light of Christ... We use this  at all the  Christian holidays and it is a blessing to our family..

Items like these make our home  cozy,as loving sentiments attachment themselves to them  over the  seasons  of our life together.


  1. Just beautiful! Love the Seder plate and the would be Mennorah, it works! Visiting from Cozy Home Scenes party.

  2. Thank you very much for that nice introduction to this post. I'm glad to have you at my party. I think it is wonderful that we can respect and enjoy holidays other than the ones connected with our own religion. Your Seder plate is so nice to use now and pass along to the family later. The candlabra looks pretty on your table and I like the significance. Have a wonderful week, Schotzy!


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