Sunday, April 8, 2012

Passion Week

What a grand and glorious day  to arise  this morning and realize that our Savior lives!!!!!
The  Stone is rolled away, there stands an empty tomb....   
Redemption has come to man and    
victory over  death and sin  is now ours for those  who believe!
 This weekend has been  an awesome  time in the heavenlies and on earth!  Friday we celebrated   Good Friday at church and we  heard the significance of the cross...

 our debt to be paid  through the  scourging, mocking death of   the son of God,  Jesus,...  
a cruel and  horrible  death   on the cross!
We left the church  in repentance and thanksgiving for such love and mercy to be paid to our account!
That same day  was the beginning of  Passover.. not just a Jewish  feast day  but one that God  declared  to be celebrated for all time.... but Glory to God today  we celebrate the  completion of  that holy day.. for Jesus  is the Pascal Lamb, the sacrifice that    was offered  to deliver  us from death and sin!
So Lynn and I celebrated the Messianic Passover  on Saturday... what a joy to  join in  the  traditions of the  past in  contemplating and   praising God for His  recurring  deliverances throughout the ages.

Just the two of us  gathered around the  Seder plate.. the plate that holds the  symbolic elements of Passover..
The baked egg,   the roasted bone, the bitter herbs and the charoset, symbolizing the  mortar  the Israelites used in their  bondage   under the Egyptians...    the  matsah and the wine  symbolizig Christs  death  ,,, his stripes,    His body and the  blood   which  is remembered  as Holy Eucharist  or Communion...  and  through which we  live in victory  as  God's  child.. the body and the blood...   such powerful  elements of our faith.....  
Lynn  led us through the Messianic Haggadah  or program   of explanation and scriptures.... as we saw the direct correlation   of  Christ's death and resurrection  as the fulfillment of  the  Old Testament  ritual.
And Christ came  as the Light of the world...  darkness will reign no more!
Sin  is purged and  we are  washed clean... 
We have new life    because    we share in  the  resurrected life of  Christ! 


  1. Amen and Amen. Have a blessed Easter.

  2. Looks like a very special Passover celebration! He is risen! :)

    Love you!



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