Saturday, May 16, 2015

day 5 Midday... Over the Top

So  we  climbed ever higher and  really seemed  that  we would never see water again,  we  climbed so far and so much!
 and then around a bend and  there   it was   off below us...  still seeing  Dingle in the distance.
  Now you could look back and see   where we had been just  a while ago..  as the  road  seemed to  deviate  so much  back and  forth  along the incline!
  A close   up shot    showed the point  around which     the  home of Charlie Chaplin was  situated...  but we   wer e  still climbing.
 The stone walls below  and along the roadway    really  brought to mind  stories   of the  peoples who have lived here in  a long ago past.

I love this next  photo.. our guide was ecstatic that we could barely make out the outline of the mysterious island of Skellig!A wild land set apart for wonderful wildlife!

Both of the Skellig islands are well known for their seabird colonies, and together comprise one of the most important seabird sites in Ireland, both for the population size and for the species diversity.

Among the breeding birds are European storm-petrels, northern gannets, fulmars, Manx shearwaters, black-legged kittiwakes, common guillemots, razorbills andAtlantic puffins (with 4,000 or more puffins on Great Skellig alone). Smaller numbers of choughs and peregrine falcons can also be seen.

The surrounding waters teem with life also. Grey seals are common, and basking sharks, minke whales, dolphins, beaked whale, and leatherback turtles have also been recorded. The islands have many interesting recreational diving sites due to the clear water, an abundance of life, and underwater cliffs down to 60 meters (200 feet).
  I have always loved    this  song by Loreena Mc kennitt

I love how Skellig  lies in the far away mists off the tip of Dingle!!

Skellig. home to the puffins!
and we   traveled higher still.

If you look    in center   right you will see an ancient  form..  a  round   walled  fortress  called a Ringfort.

and the road   spread higher before us!
until we came to an overlook.   Looking back form  whence we'd  come   the  land  was  green and    far below us..
standing form   high up  above here  I could easily  focus in on the  round fortress  and really wonder  were  fairies and  leprechauns the  guardians of this land..
then we noticed this  jolly  old elf... I mean  goatherd  sharing his   pet with us..
And  by the    carpark center  sat another  jolly   Irishman named Thomas,    who  had   some  friends as well. 

of several varieties.

If you know me   I had to get down and get personal...   so sweet
so fluffy and soft!
the next  10 minutes my mind was  figuring,  now  exactl how can I get  this   wee  creature  into my arms  and onto the bus   without being noticed...   for I had   promised myself  I'd   bring home a  wee lambie  if at all possible!! This was my chance!

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