Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 8 Belleek and Donegal

 We   traveled right across this  river into Northern Ireland.

 and were  immediately we were at  the Belleek  Factory..

 I love Belleek   pottery...  I   have  a limited  amount  since   my wedding in 1972...   would love to get  a teapot,   but not here...      the   dollar to the pound here  wasnt  a very good deal!
 But watching  how such  exquisitely  fine and detailed   pottery  was  handcrafted    was   amazing!

 This is a teapot I really love!

 These  woven   baskets  were   tedious   but   absolutely lovely!

Every  item  is  hand painted!.  Then  were     back into the Republic Ireland  and traveled  due west to  my absolute favorite area... Donegal!

 The town of Donegal is  small   situated about  a  town center...
   the town center  encircled this     circular disc   and concrete park!
 We  talked up to Donegal castle
 Shopped the quaint shops.. bought   some  gifts for my friends...

 and   had  a   delicious  lunch  at the  Blueberry Tearoom!
 right beside the Donegal  Tavern

 again   a  lovely shot of the castle
 a trek  back   by the tearoom    and   then  back onto  our coach.
 I didnt know yet just how much  I  would love   county Donegal!

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