Monday, May 18, 2015

Evening of the 6th day~At the Castle

So around   5:30 we were  crossing the Shannon  again  on our way  past King John's Castle  to  another castle...
 through   lovely countryside

 to Knappogue  Castle..

Knappogue Castle opens in the evening time only. It is not open for day time visits.Tucked away amid the rolling hills of Quin in Co. Clare lies Knappogue Castle, a 15th century restored medieval tower house that proudly stands as a reminder of our past and reflects the medieval glory in which our nobility of yesteryear lived. 

Inside the walls of this stronghold, medieval fantasy is brought to life. Here you can time travel back to a time of struggle for land and title or join in nights of merriment and song, while feasting over a great banquet. Newly -weds can be whisked away to a unique fairytale setting or you can leave your worries behind and escape to the luxurious Castle State Rooms and surroundings to live like an Irish Lord and Lady. 

 The castle is situated  high up on this grassy knoll
 it is  absolutely    lovely  
 and very welcoming

 The d ay was waning as we awaited our  turn to enter      and  enjoy  an evening of medieval frivolity!

 A casual stroll  of the gardens  were in order!

 and then we were announced!

 The mood was set!

 Have I ever mentioned to you  how  very much I love medieval  things....  I was   so  happy!

 Our hosts  shared with us the  rules of chivalry  which were expected for the evening...  Oh yes,  I was happy!

 and then we moved into the banqueting area
 were seated and   were entertained   by       perfect music  and dancing

 we  were seated at the best table  and very near the action....   did I mention   anything about   happiness.

 Each of the  foour  coach loads of revellers  nominated  their  king and queen for the evening.  our very own Marie and Gordon    took their   robes and  their places at the high table!
 I beleive they  took the   honor of   King and Queen of Munster
 This was the King   and Queen of Leinster...  but alas  trouble was  brewing here...  mischief was
  I  cant  quite tell if  our  majesties are  as happy as I   at this moment!
 we had a  lovely salad placed before us...
 Our    sensed  were    doused in  eloquence!

 Then  a   warm brew  was served....   
     very savory and rich...
   but, alas,  the King of Leinster   was called out for  the act of  attempted murder..  he pled innocent to having    placed the  pellet of poison in  a cup....   I fear though in this castle  one must  drink said  cup   as proof of innocence....   too bad,   the king   fell to the floor  in his folly... 
   Chivalry is held to a high standard here at Knappogue!
 And the potatoes were served!
 then came the pigeon!(Cluck, cluck)

 A dish of     creme  over    cheesecake  topped off the  meal... and    the   song and dancing continued

 Wow,   the evening  was  still young as we  were  rolling  down the castle  drive   and back to our hotel...  it was  fun  but was it worth 190.00Euro?   Im still wondering about that one!I  Guess they know how to pack a lot into   less than 2 hours.

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