Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ireland Day 4 Destination Blarney

Just a few short kilometers north west of Cork you will arrive at Blarney Castle! Just a pleasant walk through gorgeous gardens and you arrive before a majestic view~   Our first  stop  on the trail was  here  at  a lovely  garden.. the spreading  apple tree  branches  begged for  a photo!
As  one   turned from this very spot     you beheld  this  spectacular view!!
Spring was just arriving here  on   April 17th.
A sensory delight as you make you way along Blarney's path!
I am sitting here making my decision... Living in Germany in my 20's I cant tell you how many castles I have climbed.. up narrow twisted staircases to traipse across the battlements and stand among the turrets and snap photos aplenty... there was no way I decided that I needed to see the view from up there... besides a friend had told me there was so much more to see if one kept walking up the hill!
and as you can see the view along the hillside looking back was lovely... and it got much better! We came upon Blarney gardens..    Interestingly enough one garden was designated for poisons..Image result for blarney gardens
  onward  toward the prize..
And around the corner  the prize
 came into view...  Blarney Manor House

  A view  back toward the  back of 
 the castle   from the   Manor's  front lawn
 It felt   like   with a wish one 
could be transported back into time!

 The house  was closed for the season...
but it was  definitely  worth the  walk!
 I was still enjoying the  environs!

 So Lynn and  I decided to  stroll
 over to the stable area
past  interesting   plantings 
 which was  converted into a 
snack bar with home churned
 ice cream...

  But it was  still  just before 11am
 and we still had  a long afternoon
  before  settling into our next hotel.

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