Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day 6 On a Kerry Farm

It was a sad day to leave Killarney.. it was a favorite in many ways, but day 6 was to hold so many charms of its own.. There is always something marvelous to see as one just hurtles down the road in their coach.... I loved the beautiful homes in Ireland.

In this area the trees were just beginning to open the grass so very green!

lovely streams 

beautiful churches... , then suddenly we were stopping....

We had arrived at Paddy and Margaret Fenton's Molana farm. Such gracious hosts.... they are ever rady to invite you in for a spot of tea and cake... tell you about life in Ireland.

They live in this very nice home that just oozes irish hospitality.

The table was set for any and all who could fit around it...

a cozy fire was a welcome sight on this cool morning

and Margaret's friend Pat, had stopped in to help serve us warm cups of tea, strawberry jam on scones and Guiness cake....for  all 36 of us on our coach!

By this time I had learned the polite way to take my tea... with    fresh cream.

I was admiring her lovely china.... 

the view out the back of the kitchen showed a play park for the grandkids and a lovely home being built for the next generations... for this farm has been in the family for several generations already!

I couldnt help but notice that  Margaret had a lovely painting of the Gap of Dunloe in her parlor...

and I rather admired this handsome fellow too.l. her son was a great horseman and often did the fox hunt circuit!

The farm is situated in a lovely spot not far from Killarney in county Kerry

paddy first of all took us inside the house he was born and raised in right beside his own home now... and told us all about the life of an Irish farmer through the generations.... waht a grand stroyteller he was.... but what I loved the most was when he recited this poem.... in is irish Brogue and his passionate way... there were many tears there that day!

and here is his poem by Mona Tierney, entitled, ” What Is It All When All Is Told”:

O’ What is it all when all is told
This ceaseless tolling for fame and gold
The fleeting joy of bitter tears
We’re only here for a few short years
Nothing’s our own save the silent past
Loving or hating-no thing can last
Each pathway leads to a silent fold
O’ what is it all when all is told

What is it all a grassy mound
Where day or night there is never a sound
Save the soft low moan of the fanning breeze
As it lovingly rustles the silent trees.
Or a thoughtful friend with whispered prayer
May sometimes break the stillness there
Then hurry away from the gloom and the cold
O’ what is it all when all is told

What is it all just passing true
A cross for me and a cross for you
Ours seems heavy while others seem light
But God in the end makes all things right
He tempts the mind with loving care
He knows the burden that each can bear
Then turns life’s grey into loving gold
O’ what is it all when all is told.

So trim and neat.... lots of love goes into keeping a farm so ready for company!

we loved the calves..

He and Margaret came out to wave us off.... what a lovely time we shared!

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