Thursday, May 21, 2015

day 9~ North to Malin Head

The day finally awakened just as out new guide came to join us .... a lovely young woman named Ailish.... loved her Irish accent..... she took us due north....

out of Derry, the area is just so lovely

but the further we went we followed the mists!

I was still interested in houses.... like this one but those shrubs would have to go!

attached homes very popular in Ireland.. like this one!

then we were heading toward the mountains once more...

The north of Ireland is just a very remote and rugged land... see how the mists lend a fairytale quality to the landscape... I am glad we had this misty day!

mile after mile of such rugged remote land

Then tucked into the side of a hill, a remote village..

love this house

These trees look like they have been blown so much in the blustery coastal winds over time they are growing bent with the gale.

For right over the hill we were right upon the north sea coast...

Our narrow road wound around rocky land that seemed like it was really hunkered down from past storms and winds.

Then suddenly there was something I had hoped to see but hadnt until this moment... a highland cow.. standing sentinel by the road....

The around another bend the coast opened somewhat to reveal offshore islands

and they we started a major incline... I was wondering... why the road was so steep and narrow!

We certainly did have an awesome view of the coast.

Still we climbed

The road seemed to circle back the many hairpin curves.

Then we disembarked and made our way through stones and brambles

to see the mighty North Sea

frothy waves could tell an amazing story if they could speak... of vikings and marauders pillaging these shores..

My friend Dottie, was in her element as she was scrambling down as close as she could get to the water's edge....

This place is called Malin's Head..Malin Head (Irish: Cionn Mhálanna), is located on the Inishowen Peninsula,county Donegal, Ireland and is the most northerly point of the island of Ireland.. The northernmost tip is the headland named Banba's Crown located at latitude 55.38ºN.Malin Head gives its name to the Malin sea area. There is a weather station on the head, which is one of 22 such stations whose reports are broadcast as part of the BBC Shipping forecast.t

Banba's Crown on Malin Head is the most northerly point of the Irish mainland. Banba was one of the mythical queens of Ireland. Banba's Crown is about 16 km (10 mi) north of the village of Malin The island of Inishtrahull is further north, located approximately 10 km (6 mi) north east of Malin Head. Further north still is the most northerly landfall of Ireland, Tor Beg rock.

A close up shot 

and one not so close up

Several deserted homesteads just waiting for someone to claim!

The we turned in here 

To the Seaview Tavern... The proprietress was awaiting us.. with hot tea and cookies!

The town I suppose now is preparing for its summer season.. 

I  can imagine in the summer seeing   the native  birds   perching here...  the puffins..
Image result for puffins
Image result for puffinsImage result for puffins
This was probably the most remote place on earth that I have ever been before..... I would have to say this area is just a tad more remote that I could easily be happy to retire to....but an awesome place to visit!

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