Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 5. A day's trip from Killarney!

On day  5   we  continued our stay in killarney..   our driver had us  to breakfast and on the bus  quite early because it would be another   full day!  As  we  pulled away form the hotel  we were   onto  the street that  ran through the town...  as you can see  Killarney is  quite a lovely  area!

 and very soon we  were out  among the rolling hills of  county Kerry..
  the view  from inside our  comfortable coach...
   about 30 minutes later  we  could see  the gap of Dunloe  ahead...   this is  one site I was  so hoping to visit....  I believe it was  used   as a scene in  Leap Year, the movie... I always told Lynn  I wanted to see that very spot!...  and now we were  nearby!!
  The  serenity of  Ireland   and grazing  sheep is   just exactly what one expects to  see in reland!One notices too,  that  trees   only  exist in ireland becasue someone planted them  The mountains are  basicly  completely bare of trees!
  Right at the     narrow   entrance to the  gap of Dunloe,, a  road in which lur  bus couldn't  travel.. we stopped at Moriarty's.
Image result for gap of dunloe moriarty's
THis is a stock photo  pof this    great  place to purchase    Irish treasures..  Many  very stylish sweaters were purchased here.
 And I  purchased  a  beautiful print of  Dunloe Gap.
Image result for gap of dunloe moriarty's
Then  more   meadows

 and  just as suddenly as you  can say  jackie robinson our guide said..  dont miss these standing stone on the left...  I had been scanning  every meadow and field for   historic  structures and almost missed this one.

 We  entered into a bog land , low flat   and   wet...     this was  where  peat was  dug to  for heating homes in Ireland!

 By mid-morning  we   had a rrived at the Bogland  heritage  park   where we  could see how the  early  Irish lived.Below is a stack of peat piled beside a cottage..  peat is very lightwwight like  charcoal.
 This area  has a summer    fair     celebrating the oldways    and  it is called Puck Fair   named after a famous   billy goat!

 You have to admit is a handsome fellow!
 a typical  Irish cottage with thatched roof
  ruin of the  village church
 inside an Irish barn
 the forge

 and following  this we were all invited over to the tavern next  door for a bit of something to  take off the chill!
Such a quaint establishment and the   proprietors and  local  regulars were  so friendly!

  And    so I enjoyed  ( truly)    my first Irish coffee...  Very delicious!
 We sat right there   and  enjoyed the ambiance..
 all too soon it was  time to depart for parts unknown  but   quite an adventure awaited us!

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