Wednesday, May 13, 2015

On to KIllarney

Day 4 continued with a north eastern ride to a beautiful area of Ireland.. one of my very favorite parts!!! The lakes of Killarney! Killarney is a medium-sized town in County Kerry, southwestern Ireland. The town is on the northeastern shore of Lough Leane, which is part of Killarney National Park.
As we approached  the Killarney area   the  landscape  changed...  what  appeared to be  rocky mountains were  really  high hills  covered with  heather and   bracken... There were rocks  but   these  hills  turn  a  rich  purple in summer and  autumn  the heather  blooms..

And   it is   now we began to see  meadows
 of sheep one right after another.. I loved them!

Then our   bus turned into the  park
 proper  and  we  saw  our first glimps 
 Muckross Lake....

The marvelous Muckross House sat perched 
on a knoll by the lake..this nineteenth century
 Victorian mansion is set against the stunning
 beauty of Killarney National Park. The house 
stands close to the shores of Muckross Lake, 
one of Killarney's three lakes, famed world 
wide for their splendour and beauty.

As  we drove  along   the park toward
 our destination  we  saw the lakes
We toured  this  magnificent home and the
 only photo we were allowed to take  was
 from the  window overlooking  the lake!
But here   are some stock photos  of the house!
Image result for muckross house

Image result for muckross house
Image result for muckross house

I loved the grand hall  with  the   amazing  staircase
 the ladies'  parlor.
Image result for muckross house
Image result for muckross house
the dining room  reminded me so much of Downton Abbey
Image result for muckross house
and especially  below stairs  with the  myriad  walkways  to various  compartments  and kitchen areas and  hall of  pull bells!
The castle was  refurbished   in grand    style   for the  visit of Queen Victoria  who  demanded to be  housed on the first floor  in case of  fire..
Image result for muckross house

As we left through  the kitchen we  entered the  inner courtyard  by the  staff  areas..

 But  Muckross is known for its   verdant and brilliant  gardens
Image result for muckross house
Image result for muckross house  
By this time we were almost late for our  appointment...   one of the great highlights of our trip!
We     drove out the castle gates and   down the lane to    take our jaunting ride through the park and on into  Killarny to our  hotel!

There about  five carts to   carry  our group.
My friend Dot took this one of us!
 The  park   was  glorious!

 Here you can see  the moutains    
beyond the lake...    These  were
 the McGillicuddy Reeks

We passed  by  Muckross Abbey

We  passed through a  lovely  fairy tale forest
 then  onto a  side lane just for the carts as 
we  travelled    toward the  village of Killarney!

After  an hour so we were turning  into 
our hotel lot  where  John was  waiting 
at  the coach for us to gather our carry-ons!

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