Friday, May 8, 2015

Where Did the Time Go?

Wow, I can not believe how long it has been since    I last posted...  it has  been a   wild, rocky,     depressed,   exuberant ride  this first  5 months of 2015...  Many of you know my mother  died   Dec. 27th.    This after  a  very long   trial of seeing her    fail to thrive  the last two  years of her life...  As an only child it took its toll on me.  I actually  became physically  ill  with my  depression.. My   IBS  (Irritable  Bowel Syndrome) that    is  usually a  constant  bane of life   became   unbearable.   I became a slave to   home.  And it threw me into an ever deepening  funk.  finally  I found  hope    for  it  through   administration of tons of advise..  but I    had  quit   choir,   going to church  ,   and  basically  everything  during this time. I  was  also  determined that in my  recovery form  this    malady I  would take myself off of  a longtime  use of  Nexium...   it took me months to  recover  and   I am so glad to  be Nexium free  as  well as IBS  free  now... well, I had a very   good reason to  want to be   free of these two   albatrosses!  My husband and I  were   expectantly  getting ready for a two week  tour of Ireland  leaving on   April 14- April 27th...  I absolutely had to  be  able to go  freely... without bondage to the bathroom!Taking  daily Metamucil and  substituting  Zantac for the Nexium and      created in my a  new    digestive constitution.  And through the many prayers  my friends and family   prayed over me....  Glory!  SO   by mid March I was    feeling up  to actually  trying to put  life back together and    start thinking of  preparing for  our dream trip!   Praise God  he saw me through every  moment of  the  journey...  I had absolutely no    problem     with the long  flights,   layovers,   travelling,, bus touring,    walking,   hiking....   He  saw me through it all gloriously!  I cant wait to    start sharing about  the trip...   but you might ask  why  havent you!  it has  been almost 2 weeks...   Well,  unfortunately,  we  came home to  the worse pollen season in several years....  and   that has knocked me for a loop...  I finally went to the doctor yesterday to just make sure  that  I didnt have  strep....  I dont  but I can barely lift my head off the pillow...   But a new round of  meds  is  working and I shall be  tip top    by Mother's Day!   Please see this  post as    a joyful one  for I am  persuaded that      we  do suffer seasons of  despond   along with the  joys of life....   and my    am looking  expectantly to    much joy in the coming  week and   summer months!


  1. I do remember your dear mother passed away. I too am an only child and lost mine almost two years ago so I know how hard it is. I'm so glad you're feeling better mentally and physically! I've had a few bouts with the bathroom issue and it can almost do you in. I found out a medication was doing that to me! Agh! Glad it all went well on your trip too. Take care of yourself and I'm praising God with you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. So sorry for your loss, but so thankful you are feeling better! God is so faithful!


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