Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ireland day 7 Second Half of our Trip

On the morning of the  7th day in Ireland  we were  up with the dawn,   fed and on the bus...

 we had miles to go  through some of the most  beautiful parts of Ireland, In MHO!
 Back across the Shannon for the last time   and then north west!
 through the burbs of Limerick~
 To N18   through  County Galway!
 Amazing  sites along the way

 Villages   amid  the peat bogs...
 Gorgeous homes  set apart from  town
   through   small town...   you can  glean form   this photo that  Lynn and I had our   first  ride on the front seat of the bus...   thus  our  lil Leprechaun was  on the    driver's rear mirror..  and in the mirror  meet  John, from cork!
 We were on our way to the Cliffs of Moher....

 and   here  we  were   soon at the  north  Atlantic

 a typical seacoast town.. we still had miles to go as we followed the coast
 lonely   barren bluffs  
 rising higher and higher
 becoming more and more  rugged
 miles of walled  roads

 and then  we saw  this   beautiful tower  off  along the coast..  then we were turning in  at the Cliffs....  The Irish are  so ecological and    careful    about keeping the    landscape,  the   information  area and shops are actually built into the hill not to detract from the  views!
 It was  still  quite early....  as you can see the long shadows!
 and then we were  standing on the cliffs!  There in the far distance you can barely make out the   shape of the previous castle tower...  Again  we were so fortunate in our weather and the clear skies...  the afternoon sun may have been more   beautiful on the cliffs,  but    they were still magnificent!

 A close up  shot!

  Proof I was there!

 I could have walked  out there.. there would have been time...  but chose not to.
 ON the bus again...   we had more to see

 another deserted   cottage by the sea...  I   would love to live here and plant lupines all along the      paths and  byways!
 not too clear,  but the color of the water  was  so  lovely!
 We were climbing higher now and moving inland!

 a perfect  thatched cottage... so  crisp and  clean!

    we continued  our drive through the  nw country of Ireland!
 I could live here so easily!   In fact, I saw a home on a website  right near this very spot for sale in my price range.. much like this one!

.. heehehe  so fun!
 here is   an example
and another

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