Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 8 Through Donegal and on to Derry (NI)

Alright,  I said before that   I finally  found my favorite  spot in  Ireland,  and  I  may  be one in a thousand   who feel this way...     I   am an only child,  and  I  enjoy   time alone... always have,  I love to read,  to  draw, paint,  write poetry,  etc...   so    I am also a  romantic.. I loved  Wuthering Heights,     and  any other   book about living out on the moors  with the wind howling, or the  cottage  with  a warm   peat  fire in the aga stove....  like    Rosamund Pilchur's  books.  I gravitate to the more  remote  locations  where you might see  your neighbor on   the next hill over,     down the  lane from  the small  country village...  where  you can  hear  your neighbor's  tractor    whining  on the wind,  but probably  can't see him...   Where the bleating  of your  own sheep   may  be the only sound    besides the  buzzing of  your bees and the  call of  the  curlew...I found   my perfection  in County Donegal...   so far to the north, the green hadnt quite made it there yet...
The mountains  covered with  bracken and heather....

 This area was marked by the River Fin    and  was   located  right  near Fintown....  what a lovely  address!
 The  river is black   because of the  peaty  soil.

 Those neighbors    look perfectly happy.. perhaps I could   live that close together...

 I really liked this house  for sale   as we were  driving into Fintown....
House for sale at Ballinamore, Fintown, Co. Donegal
 With 6 bedrooms I could open a B&B....
Click here to see the  realtor  ad.   HEHHEHEHEHE
 Be still my heart!
 But as   we  continued along our way  somewhere.. we  crossed  back into Northern Ireland , the border is completely invisible..perhaps  it was  a river..

  but   we were definitely coming into town..
 This is  Derry,  otherwise known as Londonderry.
 I had seen  photos of this  amazing peace bridge   there on the right.

Image result for peace bridge derry   

Absolutely gorgeous at night..

 Image result for peace bridge derry

and there was our hotel, The City Hotel.
   Dinner was  quite nice..   this  fruit  plate, 
     and  a   delicious chicken  breast  with   mushroom sauce and rice
    how about a  triple dessert!
 After that meal  we all needed to walk so   he  grabbed a jacket and made our way to the bridge
 There   was  a bit of  a sense of being in  a  different  country...  couldnt quite put my  finger on it...   it wasnt a bad thing,  but different.
 For a cool evening there were quite a lot of folks out walking the bridge!

 The  bridge commemorates  peace that  Northern Ireland  has  made  since the end of the "Troubles" in 2006.
 The   soft glow of  early evening lights  in  Derry  made for a cheerful welcome  to a  land that    had seen more than its share of   strife in recent years.
   The   golden sunset    was     a beautiful backdrop  to   this    lovely old city!

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