Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Hydrangeas blooming everywhere
throughout the park
At each turn another
Different yet the same.
Pale snowballs dot
one verdant bush
While another thrusts
her gaudy pink
pom-poms in my path.
A third holds blue globes aloft,
like a celestial clown
juggling earths.
Flat topped soldiers in
variegated uniforms
line one walkway
their soft blue flowers
intricate and lacy
undermining their authority,
while at the gate
spiky red giants
stand guard.

  I missed spring here  on the home place   for a  great reason in deed.. I was in Ireland,   but   now I  am  awaiting  with all the hope within me   on  my  blue hydrangeas....   they   didnt bloom last year,  and the  blooms seem very slow this year... So I am   cheering them on with  posts from the past that  highlighted their   happy  presence in  our lives.
 photo latespring014.jpg
My  lovely bush from   a few years ago.. I love them no matter what color they choose to be... but  blue is my favorite!
 photo latespring016.jpg
Loaded with blooms.. begging to be picked!
 photo Jumeshots005.jpg
  This was last year's single bloom...  
 photo 2013-06-21215911_zpsf265d45b.jpg
Other years the blooms were so   heavy  and  radiantly blue!

 photo JUneluncheon014.jpg

 photo Spring2012232.jpg
I love when  they beckon me through to window and   come play in their  shadow!
 photo Spring2012231.jpg
last year I resorted to silk   ones  to get through the season....   sigh
 photo Spring2012229.jpg
When previous years   they   were  invited guests to our  morning    soiree's on the  porch
 photo Spring2012198.jpg
or noontime luncheons ... they  set  such a happy mood  for us both!
 photo Spring2012166.jpg
It would be grand to hang them from the  doors
Spring2012118 photo Spring2012118-1.jpg
But last year  the silk ones  saw me through   my  teatimes
 photo Spring2012128.jpg
TEACUP~ Monthly Botanicals by Royal Albert       Teapot~   Purchased  at a   gift shop in  Gatlinburg  over 25 years ago....  no label
when I would sit and      think  happy plans  for   the  coming get togethers
 photo Spring2012127.jpg
remembering happier times when the  true  blooms   fought   for prominence with the tea  itself!

 photo Spring2012112.jpg

 photo Spring2012107.jpg
Was it the tea pot   that   spoke  loudest,,,   "don't you just love my  delicate lines!"
 photo Spring2012101.jpg
Or were the blooms    stealing the   entire show!

 photo Mothersday2012020.jpg
And then sometimes the   blooms surprise   me....  a lovely green
 photo Mothersday2012017.jpg
I loved them so much!
latesummer2011062-1 photo latesummer2011062-1-1.jpg
But this year...     not  much showing  even yet....  So I wait.
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  1. Ah yes, hydrangeas! How could one not admire their beauty? I love the blue too although the green and pink are lovely too. You have featured a sweet teapot and teacup. Tea times are always a little nicer when accompanied by flowers. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Ireland and hopefully your hydrangeas will surprise you and be very plentiful this year. Thank you for joining me for tea this week.


  2. I love Hydrangeas too.. and am also anticipating their return to blossom..Hopefully this will be a better year for them... I'm feeding mine with ground egg shells and tea leaves..perhaps they'll enjoy the attention and GROW big and stronger this season.. I will look forward to seeing your beauties this year... So glad that you enjoyed a fabulous holiday in Ireland...Thanks for making tea....Hugs

  3. Love the teapot! Your hydrangeas are amazing. They are one of my favorite flowers. Blessings, Martha

  4. Your hydrangeas are amazing. The teapot is amazing too! Loved it all!

  5. Your hydrangeas are lovely, almost as lovely as your teapot and teacup.


  6. Charming teapot, the yard is gorgeous!

  7. You have had gorgeous Hydrangeas! I hope they surprise you with beautiful blooms again. Maybe they are just slow, (hoping). I wish we could grow the pink and blue ones here, but they don't do very well. Love that pretty teapot as well! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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