Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

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If it's Mother's  Day Saturday, then  typically you would see me  at the greenhouse  buying  scads of  annuals  and geraniums  to plant  in momma's garden!
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This was   the last Mother's Day  I celebrated with  momma  at  her  house in 2011..  She was  89...
This was  the last time Mom and Dad   ate around our table...  in 2012.
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it was    July and we were  celebrating  Dad's and  my  birthdays..Momma  fell and   broke  a vertebra in her back in November that year and   they moved into  assisted living  for a year,  then     on  into nursing homes   the year following...  Dad  passed in December  of  2013,  and  Mother this past December..  at  age  94 and 91  respectively.   It was  a  very difficult 3 years  for  us all.  It is   so difficult to see your loving parents  suffer  for so long....  slip into  such a  devastating  decline.
They celebrated their 70th  wedding anniversary  while  in  the nursing home.  Their's was a match made in heaven,, and to heaven  they have  now  have  returned!  I   love  and miss you, both!
Happy Pink Saturday....   visit  Beverly    at How Sweet the Sound.


  1. That is a truly wonderful story--70 years WOW and still sweethearts. Your Mom was so pretty. My Mama is 88 and has had 3 bad falls--she is still doing OK.

  2. What a great tribute to your parents. I lost mine very young. You were fortunate in some ways to have had them so long.


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