Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Evening of the Seventh day at Lough Eske!

 So we were now   headed   east from  Galway     back toward       our   final destination of the day!
 Lovely homes   along the way...

 Interesting  round about   with  roads   heading off  into many directions..  looks like  we  might  be   heading off toward Derry, (Londonderry)But we wouldn't reach there today!
   I think   that was the Shannon we were     driving  past..
   then though   some interesting  mountain ranges ..
 again,   all bracken and heather,  no trees

     and   an area of lakes   came  into view.

   late that afternoon,     we  entered a fairytale forest   
    and   suddenly  came out into a clearing     at the  beautiful Lough Eske Castle.. our   accommodations for  the evening...

 and this was  our   room.

 our dinner  companions..  we   enjoyed prime beef  ...   excellent choice!
 A friend, Freda,    introduced me to the tearoom in the castle....   How lovely that  would  be if  it were teatime!

  The  music  and card room   

 the grand stair case
   the castle alit     at dusk
 here  comes my  prince     to    stroll the grounds with me!

 I found this   lovely  library tucked away between floors...   interesting!

 there were parlors a plenty here
   another gorgeous day     the next morning....   I  couldnt  believe how blessed we were...   glad I left my thick heavy raincoat at home!

   the    attention to  detail   was so lovely here

 And    then we were off  and    jsut a few minutes later our guide told us we  had just  crossed the border  into northern Ireland  and the bus stopped at  our  first  destination   of  day 8!

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