Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Late Summer's Eve

I am sharing  on Pink Saturday  found   at   Beverly's   blog, How Sweet the Sound!  Today is anything goes Saturday.
                                     photo IMG_0012_zps4d6fecbd.jpg
 and ever so slowly  the house is  moving  closer and closer to  Autumn.  I  just   think  fall is   the most "Charming'"month,, as  this sign  says, "Steeped in Charm". I dont know why,  but  in my  decorating sensibilities  I just think  if you  throw in a sunflower,  you  are advancing that much closer to autumn...  even  if the  calendar  belies the thought!Now I can  remember in the  past  I dreaded fall  with a passion...    school dayz  and all that  craze!  Juggling about 20 balls and  getting them and keeping them all in the air at once was what  kept my  brain  and   body in  a  tizzy!  But now  I  can kick back  and really look foward to   the  gentle   cool down  of   Fall   with out the  inevitable "meltdown'  of my  temperment!

 photo IMG_0008_zps97d7f5fa.jpg
Now here is a simple design     that   gradually   moves the room  from the  dog dayz of summer to the  expectation of  autumn's  glory...  just by adding a couple of sunflowers!
 photo 19ef4c59-ba74-48d6-8ec5-44d493fdc127_zps4cefb9cf.jpg
and even as  jsut ever so  infrequently  you might  find a falling leaf on the ground as  the  days     become shorter, the sun  moving lower on the horizon....  if I   place  a  silk   fall leaf or two in a summer   arrangement I  so enjoy just that  subtle hint that  fall is  on its way!
 photo 2012-10-22225747_zpsa8c3b26a.jpg
 of just a few leaves    placed here and there...
 photo 2012-10-22225408_zps0ce4d65c.jpg

Thinking about "steeping"  I've put myself in the mood for a  nice cup of  pumpkin spice tea....  a nice  way to end  a very pleasant  late summer's day....  
  well, I can  fair imagine  it, can't it!

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  1. Everything looks so lovely! Your flowers are pretty and yes, fall is almost upon us. I'm still wondering where my summer went! ;) Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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