Monday, August 24, 2015

One Room is Finished!

We started  out in May with  a purpose  and aim to   finally  take on the renovation projects  we  wanted  on our lower level English Tudor   home with its  small  spaces and  need  for updating...My  daughter  convinced me that   wide open spaces  were  soon  going  by the wayside  because  at some time  folks just dont want  a messy kitchen  full of  dirty dishes  to   be  within  sight of a  nice family room...  and besides,  our family loves having their own quiet  private  spaces to  veg out a book, or watch the race or game on tv...So the  aim was to update the space we have and   try to bring it into the 21st century.The  beautiful sunroom   was  one of the main selling points to  us buying this home with its cherry wood panelling... it may not appeal to younger buyers,  but we understand its value and  love its warmth.
 photo 2013-02-18064259_zps9cfd9f74.jpg
My favorite season    to  enjoy   out there is  autumn...  because  in summer, it is just too hot, and  unless we  turn on the expensive electric heat out there,  it is  really cold!  
 photo 2012-10-26054736_zpsf8186a27.jpg
But an autumn view is   lovely!
 photo 2012-10-26054951_zps1c0ad65d.jpg

But  a room   over  the years  can really   becoming   too much...  soo many  collectibles trying to crowd in and find  a space to shine...  It was looking more and more like  Grannie's  house!
 photo Christmas2009103.jpg  
A  winter's view is   divine as well.... 
but  the rest of the year,  we  suffer   extreme  heat and cold in that space...and as we are getting older,   and  the everyday view outside  isn't  as  engaging  as it  once was to us...  we decided to make a change.
 So we moved  everything out and piled the furniture in the middle of the room.

 I am loving my new  wooden   2.5 inch blinds  so  sharp looking....   they let the view in when I want  view

 Or I can  close them down some for a  bit of privacy and to protect the furnishings  from the   brights sun's rays...

 I  have been  much more  discriminating about what to  put back in that room!!!Loving that!
And at night I will feel  like sitting out there  and not  feel  totally exposed to the neighbors...
I am hoping it will keep   some of the heat out and  some of the warmth in  during various seasons...  and make the room that much more enjoyable!  So there is my first room all done!!!

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  1. YAY! The blinds look AMAZING!!!! Wow, I didn't think they'd make that much of a difference...or maybe it's just the huge reduction in clutter- how nice!! :-D Now haul off a few bags of stuff to the goodwill!

    love you,


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