Thursday, August 6, 2015

One Thousand Gifts (695-706) Eucharisteo

Here is my Joy Dare for    the first  week of August Joy Dare with Ann Voskamp!  I am thankful  for
695.the wonderful turn out  Monday night  at the  Christians United Prayer event  at our church.. we have been holding these events  every other month for 3 years   in various churches around the valley and  this month we had  nigh unto seventy prayer warriors   praying  diligently for  an hour  over  our community,  churches,   nation, and the world,..  glorious!

696. The  several  gorgeous  days  we have enjoyed with  drifting   fair weather cumulus clouds and  low humidity

697.    the  marvelously  fresh scent of  white linen  sachets in my  closet  that  puts  a fresh air   smell on our sheets and towels...   I should have purchased a  case load of those sachets!!!

698.  the   brightness our lovely new  shutters  add  to  a relatively  dark  kitchen.. excuse the fact our kitchen is still in a state of redo!

699.  the  delectable  sweet spiciness of the   Biscoff cookies I got for my birthday.. a reminder of our trip to Ireland!
Biscoff Family Pack - 320 Cookies
700.  The amazing  baked  plum  we  so enjoyed at  the bed and breakfast last week on our way home from Boston!

701.  The   scrumptious  fried  potatoes I prepared last night... hadn't had those in eons!

702.  At 10 am my blood sugar  was  in  good range  at  134

703.  At 1:00  I will  be able to  exert my  right to assemble and    participate in a town meeting  because of our  Constitutional government

704.   At 10:00  I  finished  a favorite book  while listening to  my  easy listening  Pandora station..

705.    Blogging is a  wonderful  gift  to do while sitting

706.  Enjoying our morning coffee on the porch  is the  early  cool air is  a  glorious sitting  activity of the day

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