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This is Wherever: West Island

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  This meme    is always  fun to share about places  you re  recently  been  and then    read about new  venues   you may get to visit  some day,..
Last week I shared about  the Museum of Fine Art in Boston. and a little about our    failed attempt   at  the beach house  in  southern Massachusetts.... which I will   write more about the area this morning.
Now I preface   my post by saying   our trip failed  due to purely  circumstances out of any one's control.... nature got the best of us..... well,  actually,  a critter choose  our  week to  wander under the beach house and die.....   need I say more!
  But  the worst part of that was  having to leave such a  wonderful area.. we all had such high hopes  for our beach vacation.

  Our   spot was West Island off  the  Fairhaven peninsula  very near New Bedford, and across Buzzard Bay from   Martha's Vineyard....  the location was  gorgeous,   off the beaten path...all of the properties  around us were   very nice and   renters and  vacationers  were having  a grand time upon our arrival late  last Saturday..As you can see  it is  purely  natural  with  private homes... no commercialization whatever... well, except for a  very  small  general store,   that is so   noncommercial my son- in - law drove right past it  when he went to by ice..

There you can see the small community on West Island  and the causeway  that leads back to Fairhaven.

This very  comfortable  private home  was new to the  air b and b  listing  and was  perfect for my hubby and I and our daughter's small family...  the   huge  backyard was perfect for  our  2 year old granddaughter to run around and   be pulled in her wagon...    and  it led right down to the  ocean front.... 
We  stopped  over at New Bedford to pick up dinner on our way to the island...   and there are so many  fabulous sites to enjoy there. The  historical section is very  quaint with cobbled streets...
 and I could easily  imagine Captain Ahab  sporting his gear as we  sought members  for his  crew,  Queequeg  and  Ishmael..
The Whaling Museum there is listed as just one of the  great reasons to visit  there.

Moby Dick is well  loved there  as seen  in this  advertisement
Moby Dick Marathon
Each year the Whaling Museum celebrates their Annual Moby-Dick Marathon with a 25-hour, nonstop reading of the book by over 150 readers. The marathon takes place each January, and is complemented by special exhibits, artwork, slideshows, ticketed buffet dinner, cash bar, lectures, a Q&A and other events and activities. Prizes are given away and the event is accompanied by a live video feed via livestream.
You can read about the 16th Annual Moby-Dick Marathon’s fun filled activities, photos, and video at 16th Annual Moby-Dick Marathon.
I love the children's version and read it to my classes each year!

Even though West Island seems a bit remote a quick drive to Fairhaven's town center will provide everything you could possibly need.. but the good Lord will provide the rest and I do mean "rest": The soft breezes wafting in off the bay was fabulous as your sip your coffee or iced tea or whatever... on that most comfy deck... It's a great place to read that book you've been wanting to but just couldnt find the time.... the shore is spectacular and so surprising you never know what you might find each day.. one day all sand... the next lovely pebbles, another seaweed and shells.... and it is marvelous to just relax and watch the activity in the bay....

and there are so few places where you can enjoy a sunset like this on the east coast.

And   the  quiet of  the peaceful nights   provided the best night's sleep   one  can  ever want on a dream vacation!

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  1. Thanks for being the first to share on Wherever Wednesday this month. Enjoyed your pictures so much! My mom was from Massachusets and some day I hope to get our family out during the fall to see the leaves she always told me were so gorgeous. I pinned this as "The Whaling Museum" is now on my "to do" list when we finally get out there.


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