Monday, August 17, 2015

Ole' Time Celebration!

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A Return to Loveliness
I  had the honor last week to    set up and   help  a dear friend in our choir   and her husband  celebrate their   fiftieth  wedding anniversary...  of  course,  this was more  like a  shout out   to honor their    marriage,   but  it was   a  fun opportunity for me to   revisit    memories  from  special times in my own family, too.
 I thought it would be nice to  make  this framed  memoir to  not only decorate the  table in the choir room,  but also  a token for them to keep...

When I heard that the  choir director's daughter was making  chocolate raspberry  cupcakes,  I immediately thought of stopping in at fresh market and  purchasing these lovely  dark red  sweetheart roses  and babies' breath!  
A  very simple reception  indeed  for  we choir members  to enjoy and    pass along our  very best wishes and congratulations to the   great couple...but  for me...
it had been eons  since I had   tasted or  even made  raspberry  punch with     sherbet  an ice ring, and    ginger ale.. well, to be honest this was  a punch my grandmother made  so many times  in my presence,  but I had never made...   now that  brought back soo many   wonderful   memories... and   everyone  told me it was  truly delicious on a hot summer's eve!

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  1. Looks like the party came together really nicely! Very sweet!!!!!
    love you,


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