Sunday, August 2, 2015

Our Bonus Day in Boston..

 Our kids took us to  visit the Museum of Fine Arts in downtown Boston....  it  was   an awesome day!
of course it would take days to fully enjoy  every  exhibit  offered... so I spent most of my time in the Art of America's  first...
I  was   enraptured by the  18th century works  I suppose  of  the historical studies  I did  while  teaching  Virginia  and   US  History...  reading  about George Washington  and   Thomas Jefferson to my students and  studying such heroes as Paul Revere...  I  walked form  exhibit to exhibit simply absorbing the  magnificence of it all.. To begin   the  collections  highlighted the  decorative arts and crafts of  pottery,  metalworking  and   fine furniture.

 These    items  were  actually  from    Argentina...
There were more  primitive items and more    elaborate
Many areas  demonstrated  a  room arrangement  as  below.
I   enjoyed these   lady's    scaled    items of  a more  delicate  stature...
and this   fine muslin  day dress  of the period.
Then I  came upon the Paul Revere  exhibit   which also  included  metalwork  from his son Paul, Jr.

I was taken by this painting  of the Battle of Bunker Hill...

 One  exhibit included this   beautiful mural     and   parlor from a coastal home  north of Boston  from the  18th century!

 I absolutely  loved this   magnificent  hand hewn cabinetry    and fireplace surround....
 the craftsmanship was  exquisite!

Colonial    crafted  furniture is  some of my favorites 
 My next post will   include paintings of the  era!
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  1. so glad we could finally visit the mfa together!

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