Sunday, August 9, 2015

One Thousand Gifts (721-730) Eucharisteo

Here is my Joy Dare for  the second   week of August with Ann Voskamp!  I am thankful  for:
721.  donut holes....  so tasty and just enough in a  bite or two. recipe here!

722. that the whole    array of top cabinets  have been finished on these  two walls...  This is a huge deal to me...

723.   This means that  essentially  half of the  kitchen is finished but,  of course, by the same token half is unfinished, as well!

724.  I  am thankful for the hard lessons I am learning  through this  kitchen re-no  of patience....  for  it has been  over  two months so far!

725.  another hard  blessing   that     results in   positive  change for me is   learning to trust  the Lord  in  situations that are out of my control.

726.  A third hard  eucharisteo is   trying to  have  a   positive impart on my precious granddaughter's life  when we  only   really see each other  weekly through a computer screen...  otherwise  we actually   get together  just  a few times a year....I know   there  are others  who  dont have it that well,  but   it is a struggle all the same!

727.I am  extremely thankful for   our new  fridge....

728.  I love   enjoying our morning coffee  on our   metal   lawn chairs on the porch   on these  days when school across the street isnt in session!   We  so enjoy the quiet!
 photo Spring2012186.jpg

729.  I was   so  glad to  finally find my white sandals.... they were missing for  a few days,   but I finally found them half hidden in the living room  partially  under the sofa.  I seldom  go in the living room apparently!

730.  I am really  enjoying  the new cabinet color...  a  mossy  grayish green  that perfectly matches the   green in the leaves on  the   wall paper is one of those colors that  changes  in the different  levels of light....    Of course it looks so nice against the  white shutters.. Im thinking of taking off the border and doing a nice  tile  backsplash!  ..... so many decisions!

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